Protein-Packed Gluten-Free & Vegan Chocolate Kachava Banana Pancakes

Breakfast has always been “my thing.” Even when I started my clean eating journey last year, I knew I had to keep my breakfast meals exciting. It’s taken me some time to find the recipes I love them most, but these Chocolate Kachava (Gluten Free / Vegan) pancakes are on the top of my list. […]

Veggie Cabbage Soup

Today’s veggie soup is one of my go-to recipes for every season. It’s completely vegan and it’s packed-full of healthy nutrients. I love using fresh ingredients, but you can also use frozen veggies from a bag. I would advise to use organic when possible. I also like to buy fresh veggies, prep them all, then […]

DIY Mango Jalapeño Vegan Sushi

Since switching to a predominately Whole Foods Plant Based diet nearly a year ago (you can read about my health journey here), I’ve come up with some great alternatives to my most favorite dishes. Although I still eat fish from time to time, I love making this vegan sushi alternative at home because I’m not […]

A Lakeside Retreat Home Tour That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

I follow a lot of designers online, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to connect with a few local builders and designers as well. Today’s home feature is a local designer & builder who caught my eye years ago; Scott Buchanan of Buchanan Design Studio. I first discovered his work when I was aimlessly browsing homes […]

Outdoor Kitchen Makeover

Chad and I LOVE outdoor spaces, so when we were picking out floor plans last year, we made sure to find a plan that had an adequate outdoor living space. Although our outdoor patio wasn’t exactly as large as we would have wanted, it was enough for an outdoor living room and a small outdoor […]

Gluten-Free Vegan Almond Butter & Banana Waffles

Who doesn’t want to start their weekend off with some almond butter & banana waffles? Since I’m allergic to peanut butter, this is an awesome alternative. It’s also a delicious way to get a sweet breakfast that’s also full of protein. Ingredients 2 3/4 cups Pamela’s Pancake Mix 1 1/2 cups water 4 Tablespoons Ground […]

Why I Don’t Follow The Standard American Diet (SAD)

I find it very ironic that the acronym for the Standard American Diet is SAD. It literally spells out SAD! I mean, that right there should be a red flag to NOT follow it. What is the Standard American Diet? What’s the Standard American Diet, you ask? Well, it’s a general term used for the […]

Dressing Up Your Unwashed Hair With a Hair Scarf

I’m sure I’m not the only one who fell into this seemingly bad habit, but washing my hair these days just seems pointless. I only wash my hair about once per week (I throw it in a bun when I shower), and I’ve been really happy with the health of my hair. So although it […]

A Honey Mustard Salad Dressing That’s Healthy & Full of Protein

Today’s recipe is for all you honey-mustard-lovers who want a cleaner, healthier version of this classic salad dressing. I’ve always loved honey mustard, but was shocked to learn just how much added refined sugar the store-bought versions had. They’re not using high-quality ingredients, and I just wanted a dressing with ingredients that I could control. […]