Knock Off Serena & Lily Hanging Chairs

Yup. You heard that right. KNOCK OFF Serena & Lily Hanging Chairs. Christmas came early folks, because I’m sharing with you one of my best finds yet. Everyone knows about those amazing Serena & Lily hanging chairs that we’ve seen spread across Pinterest over the last few years, but unfortunately they’re nearly $700 EACH. I’ve wanted a pair ever since I discovered them, but my pockets just couldn’t seem to take the plunge. After months of research (aka lots of online shopping — you’re welcome!) I finally found a nearly identical match to those beloved Serena & Lily beauties.

They’re made by Belham Living, and are sold by Hayneedle. I found them on as well, but I think the price was a little better through Hayneedle. They’re right around $300 each, and come in two colors. I really wanted the “natural” color, but with my existing patio furniture, “white” was the color that looked best. They come with a stand, but I scraped the stand and hung them from a 3/4″ natural-fiber (aka jute, aka manila) rope. I searched all over for this dang rope, and eventually found some at my local Home Depot store for SUPER cheap. You can also find some on Amazon, but it’s a little more expensive. Here is the rope I almost bought on Amazon before I found it at Home Depot. Make sure to get the 3/4″ size — that diameter is small enough to fit in the hanging chair’s “hanging loop,” yet big enough to hold more than 350 pounds of weight.

I also made sure to use another piece of hardware that makes the chairs much more sturdy when installing from a ceiling, and also allows the chairs to smoothly rotate a full 360 degrees.

It’s actually intended for a tire swing, but works perfectly for these hanging chairs. It’s pre-greased, so it makes the chairs swing really smoothly when swinging and rotating. You can find it here to purchase.

And a little side note, if you’re hanging these from your ceiling (not using the stand), make SURE that you have enough support WITHIN your ceiling. We hung these within 12 inches of the outside structural beams of our patio, so we knew it was sturdy and safe. We also drilled the above “Jungle Gym Swivel Hardware” directly into our 2×6 framing, which lies under our hardy board ceiling trim.  Taking all of these precautions when hanging the chairs will give you some extra peace-of-mind that you won’t fall from the ceiling when swinging with your little ones, or simply enjoying that much-needed glass of wine.

We’ve been so happy with our Belham Living Hanging Chairs and I’m SO glad I took the plunge with these incredible knock-offs. I always love a deal, so getting TWO chairs for the price of one was totally up my ally.


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  3. Manila Rope
  4. Jungle Gym Hardware