Dining Room Reveal

So many exciting things to talk about today, because guess what? Not only am I FINALLY sharing my finished dining room, but I’m also teaming up with Home Zone Furniture to giveaway the same exact model of my dining table. The giveaway also includes either the Palmer Bench and 4 Home Zone chairs, OR 6 chairs without the bench. (Just a heads up though, they won’t be the same chairs as you see pictured in my dining room since I bought those prior to getting my dining set.)

My goal for this space was for it to be modern and rustic with a touch of coastal. Pretty much my formula for the entire house! The dining table and bench have the perfect blend of all of the above. The dining table has a modern shape, but it’s crafted with a beautiful rustic wood material. I also loved how the simplicity of the table design allowed me to bring in a super modern, mid-century light fixture. I feel like by adding such an unexpected and modern light, the space was made so much more interesting.

I also wanted to include the blue tones from our living room, which I did through our drapes and dining chairs. In case you missed my design board from a few months ago, I included it below so you can copy my entire look!

  1. ONE  |  Utica Sputnik Chandelier
  2. TWO  |  Flambe Blue Darkening Curtain
  3. THREE  |  Palmer Dining Table (HomeZone Furniture)
  4. FOUR  |  Palmer Dining Bench (HomeZone Furniture)
  5. FIVE  |  Costway Blue Fabric Chairs (Set of 2)
  6. SIX  |  Brass Gold Vase
  7. SEVEN  |  Navy + White Stripe Vase
  8. EIGHT  |  Stoneware Salt + Pepper Shaker
  9. NINE  |  Decorative Metal Tray