House Update: Framing Our New Build

How in the world am I already writing about the FRAMING of our new build? I feel like it was just yesterday that we finished remodeling our reno back in Fort Worth. But nope! We’ve sold our Fort Worth home, moved to a new city, laid the foundation of our new house, and now we’re actually FRAMING the home as we speak. How does time go by so fast??

Also… I just realized my babies aren’t babies any more. Gah! Look at them! They’re so big!!

In less than two weeks, we’ve seen our house go from a lot filled with dirt, to a two-story framed house. So far we’ve been really happy with our team at David Weekley. They’ve been very transparent about the building process from day one, which is I think why we’ve had such a great experience.  I spent MONTHS customizing this home before we even broke ground, so hopefully these next few months will be more of us “sitting back and watching” rather than making decisions and changes.

I built out our entire home in a 3D-rendering module during the “design phase” of our build (more on that later), so it’s been pretty unreal getting to see my plans come into fruition. Now that the home is finally being built, I’m shifting my focus to sourcing out my furniture. I’ve already completed my space planning for each room (that was done in the “design phase” while I was customizing our floorplan) so now I’m just working on the fun part; Looking through pages and pages of online furniture, rugs, textiles etc.

Since we’re renting in the same neighborhood that we’re building in, we’ve been getting to see each step of the home building process. It’s so fun because every morning when I take Hudson and Harper to school, I drive by the house and point it out to the them.  Now when I ask Hudson if he wants to drive by the house, he says “YEAH!”  I’m not sure if he really knows what I’m saying, but I’ll pretend like he does :):)

This process has been so fun so far – mainly because I’ve never built a home from the ground up. I can’t wait to continue to share our journey with you guys and keep you posted on all the fun things ahead!