Kids Style: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

These kiddos. Man. They just kill me! They’re at such a fun age (they’re 1 and 2) and I’m just loving each and every stage we’re experiencing with them. Well, minus those lovely tantrums of course. We recently moved cities (you can read more about that here) and have been exploring our new hood over the last few weeks. The weather has been it’s normal bipolar self here in Texas, so each week has been completely different. Rain for 2 weeks straight, 80 degrees one day, then 48 the next. Just lovely! Right?

Today I wanted to share a bit of my kiddos style and talk about how I’m transitioning their summer outfits into fall outfits. For Harper, I love using summer dresses for fall and simply carrying around a sweater for her in case the nights get a little chilly. I also tend to use Hudson’s summer Ts for the fall and do the same. We live in Texas, so our fall weather isn’t normally too chilly.

Ever since I was pregnant with Hudson a few years ago, I’ve been obsessing over Target’s children’s lines. They’re reasonably priced, but SUPER cute and stylish. They have 2 lines that I’m particularly loving right now, which is the Cat & Jack line and the Genuine Kids line by OshKosh.  

Both of their outfits in today’s post were purchased at Target, from head to toe. That might be because I grocery shop at Target, so it’s really easy to shop for the kiddos first, then grab my groceries. Actually wait. I think I grocery shop at Target so I have an excuse to shop for other fun things :):) Yeah… I think that’s more accurate.

Harper’s outfit is a summer dress that I recently found on clearance, but it’s still perfect for our Texas fall weather. Hudson’s outfit is a basic grey T with some skinny cargo pants and an adorable vintage-inspired corduroy jacket. His shoes are a pair of wool mid-top sneakers from the Cat & Jack line.


HIS:  Jacket (Size: 2T, $23 Target)  |   Pants  (Size: 2T, $17 for 2 pairs – Target) |  Shoes (Size: 7, $25 Target)

HERS:  Dress (Size: 2T, $17.99 Target)   |  Navy Bow ($2.50 Target)