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DIY Gingerbread House Village

The holiday season is here and it’s time to craft! Today I’m sharing my own take on creating a gingerbread house. Rather than creating just a single house, I wanted to build an entire village. You can do so by crafting multiple houses, or just one house paired with other Christmas decor. Supplies: Gingerbread house kit Icing  (Wilton brand, found at JoAnn’s) Icing Tips  (Wilton brand, I purchased the starter kit from JoAnn’s) Icing Bags  (Wilton brand, found at Joann’s) Icing Couplers  (Wilton brand, found at JoAnn’s) Holiday Candies Marshmallows (for the “snow”) Multiple Assorted Cake Stands  (I found my galvanized cake stands from JoAnn’s) Mini Holiday Trees  (found at JoAnn’s) Mini Battery Operated Lights Wooden Reindeer (found at JoAnn’s) Directions: First, gather all your supplies to make your gingerbread house (i.e. candies, icing, gingerbread etc.) The setup for your “village” will come later, so you can go ahead and put those decorations to the side for now. I decided to stick…

My Style Philosophy

"Low, Low, High"

Low. Low. High. — What does that mean? Let me explain.

I love putting looks together, whether it’s interior design, my own outfits, or my kid's clothes. I go by a rule that is two-thirds “affordable” and one-third "a splurge.” Life is all about balance, and I love finding good deals and pairing them with high-end, specialty pieces.
Here on AmyHorany.com, you will find that I follow this philosophy to the fullest. My go-to stores are Target, Marshall's, HomeGoods and Amazon, but I also love splurging from time to time as well. My goal for this platform is for my eye-for-design to help you find your own balance in life & style.


House Update: Framing Our New Build

How in the world am I already writing about the FRAMING of our new build? I feel like it was just yesterday that we finished remodeling our reno back in Fort Worth. But nope! We’ve sold our Fort Worth home, moved to a new city, laid the foundation of our new house, and now we’re actually FRAMING the home as we speak. How does time go by so fast?? Also… I just realized my babies aren’t babies any more. Gah! Look at them! They’re so big!! In less than two weeks, we’ve seen our house go from a lot filled with dirt, to a two-story framed house. So far we’ve been really happy with our team at David Weekley. They’ve been very transparent about the building process from day one, which is I think why we’ve had such a great experience.  I spent MONTHS customizing this home before we even…


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“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

Amy Horany (pronounced Aymee Hooray-Knee) has been a designer and blogger for many years. Her eye-for-design and passion for style has lead her on many adventures in life, and ultimately lead her to launch AmyHorany.com; a design, style & family brand with a goal to inspire her readers to live their own version of a stylish life.