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A Three-Season Buffalo Check Midi Skirt for UNDER $30

Last spring I purchased the CUTEST, most versatile buffalo check midi skirt from Target. I’ve worn this skirt so many times since I bought it, I’ve lost count. It’s super summery when you pair it with certain pieces, but I also love how well it transitions into fall. In Texas, the weather is constantly going back and forth between cold and warm during the months of October and November, so I like to keep many of my warm-weather pieces easily accessible, even when it’s technically the fall season. This skirt in particular is the perfect example of one of those three-season pieces; perfect for spring, summer, AND fall. And on top of that, it’s a whooping $29 from Target’s Who What Wear collection. Talk about bang for your buck, right? It’s very flattering (even after a date night full of tacos and margaritas — believe me, I would know) and…

My Style Philosophy

"Low, Low, High"

Low. Low. High. — What does that mean? Let me explain.

I love putting looks together, whether it’s interior design, my own outfits, or my kid's clothes. I go by a rule that is two-thirds “affordable” and one-third "a splurge.” Life is all about balance, and I love finding good deals and pairing them with high-end, specialty pieces.
Here on AmyHorany.com, you will find that I follow this philosophy to the fullest. My go-to stores are Target, Marshall's, HomeGoods and Amazon, but I also love splurging from time to time as well. My goal for this platform is for my eye-for-design to help you find your own balance in life & style.


Knock Off Serena & Lily Hanging Chairs

Yup. You heard that right. KNOCK OFF Serena & Lily Hanging Chairs. Christmas came early folks, because I’m sharing with you one of my best finds yet. Everyone knows about those amazing Serena & Lily hanging chairs that we’ve seen spread across Pinterest over the last few years, but unfortunately they’re nearly $700 EACH. I’ve wanted a pair ever since I discovered them, but my pockets just couldn’t seem to take the plunge. After months of research (aka lots of online shopping — you’re welcome!) I finally found a nearly identical match to those beloved Serena & Lily beauties. They’re made by Belham Living, and are sold by Hayneedle. I found them on Walmart.com as well, but I think the price was a little better through Hayneedle. They’re right around $300 each, and come in two colors. I really wanted the “natural” color, but with my existing patio furniture, “white”…


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Amazon Lately: Tassel Earrings

For those of you who don’t know, Amazon is AMAZING. It’s always full of surprises, and sadly, I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to it. I mean — Who doesn’t love getting a box of goodies delivered to their house on a monthly… weekly… er… daily basis? If I can order it on Amazon, I will. Even my jewelry. Though shopping at overpriced boutiques might be a fun afternoon out with the girls, I have a real hard time paying $80 for a pair of earrings that I know I can find online for $15. Heck. Maybe even $10. Especially if they’re trendy like tassel earrings. I have a feeling this look won’t be in style forever, so I really don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the designer version. I’d much rather get a few pairs in different colors and pay $15 or less for…



Family Style: Holiday Pictures

Is it just me, or is anyone else hesitant to do holiday-themed family photos? It’s like, I want to do them SO BAD, but the practical side of me is like… 2 kids… 1 husband… matching(ish) outfits for 4 people… preferably non-screaming children, which means coming up with a good bribe to keep them pleasant… good weather… carving out a time of day where all 4 members of the family are happy and available, PLUS making sure the photographer is available too… Ok. I already need a glass of wine just THINKING about those logistics! I had a holiday backdrop all planned out, but I ultimately decided that practicality was going to win. I don’t know the next time we’ll get a family photo scheduled, so I wanted a setting that wasn’t too holiday(esque) so we could hang these photos in the new house and not have to worry about…


“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

Amy Horany (pronounced Aymee Hooray-Knee) has been a designer and blogger for many years. Her eye-for-design and passion for style has lead her on many adventures in life, and ultimately lead her to launch AmyHorany.com; a design, style & family brand with a goal to inspire her readers to live their own version of a stylish life.