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Dining Room Design Board

ONE  |  Utica Sputnik Chandelier TWO  |  Flambe Blue Darkening Curtain THREE  |  Palmer Dining Table (HomeZone Furniture) FOUR  |  Palmer Dining Bench (HomeZone Furniture) FIVE  |  Costway Blue Fabric Chairs (Set of 2) SIX  |  Brass Gold Vase SEVEN  |  Navy + White Stripe Vase EIGHT  |  Stoneware Salt + Pepper Shaker NINE  |  Decorative Metal Tray Today I wanted to share with you the design board I created for my dining room. I pretty much knew the vision for the space almost immediately. I knew I wanted the shape of the table to be super simple, yet have a contrasting rustic finish to it. My vision was to pair a rustic table with an incredibly modern light fixture. Thats why I was so excited when I found this dining table (found here) from HomeZone Furniture. I was shocked at how affordable it was. A dining table for UNDER $500? Ok…

My Style Philosophy

"Low, Low, High"

Low. Low. High. — What does that mean? Let me explain.

I love putting looks together, whether it’s interior design, my own outfits, or my kid's clothes. I go by a rule that is two-thirds “affordable” and one-third "a splurge.” Life is all about balance, and I love finding good deals and pairing them with high-end, specialty pieces.
Here on AmyHorany.com, you will find that I follow this philosophy to the fullest. My go-to stores are Target, Marshall's, HomeGoods and Amazon, but I also love splurging from time to time as well. My goal for this platform is for my eye-for-design to help you find your own balance in life & style.


My Top 10 Design Elements I Used When Designing My Home

I think it’s safe to say that I have a pretty specific design style. In each space I design, I always gravitate toward certain design selections and materials that end up pairing really well together. Those same design elements also come together to accomplish a look that is very much my own. When I describe my style, I have a hard time summarizing it into just two or three words. I start to ramble and my description of my “style” ends up becoming a novel rather than a short title. BUT if I had to paraphrase, I would call my style Modern Boho Beachy. I want more than anything for my home to feel like a HOME. Not like a showroom or staged house. I’m also obsessed with the beach. I grew up going to the beach and the lake, so water is EVERYTHING to me. If I could move…


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“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

Amy Horany (pronounced Aymee Hooray-Knee) has been a designer and blogger for many years. Her eye-for-design and passion for style has lead her on many adventures in life, and ultimately lead her to launch AmyHorany.com; a design, style & family brand with a goal to inspire her readers to live their own version of a stylish life.