A Sweater Dress for the Win

So lately I’ve been finding myself wearing a few of my favorite things on REPEAT. One of them is this super versatile sweater from Target. I wear it usually with a pair of skinny jeans, but it’s even more fun to wear as a dress with over-the-knee boots. Pretty much every day in Texas is different when it comes to weather, so having a sweater that works in multiple ways is a must. Also – how about that adorable clutch? I snagged that blush beauty for just $30 at (non other than) Target. I don’t see the sweater or clutch online anymore, but I have seen them in stores recently. We’ve also been up to a TON of house-related things when it comes to our new build. We’re about 4 weeks away from closing and I’m starting to finalize my designs for the indoor and outdoor spaces. I’ve been trying…

DIY Gingerbread House Village

The holiday season is here and it’s time to craft! Today I’m sharing my own take on creating a gingerbread house. Rather than creating just a single house, I wanted to build an entire village. You can do so by crafting multiple houses, or just one house paired with other Christmas decor. Supplies: Gingerbread house kit Icing  (Wilton brand, found at JoAnn’s) Icing Tips  (Wilton brand, I purchased the starter kit from JoAnn’s) Icing Bags  (Wilton brand, found at Joann’s) Icing Couplers  (Wilton brand, found at JoAnn’s) Holiday Candies Marshmallows (for the “snow”) Multiple Assorted Cake Stands  (I found my galvanized cake stands from JoAnn’s) Mini Holiday Trees  (found at JoAnn’s) Mini Battery Operated Lights Wooden Reindeer (found at JoAnn’s) Directions: First, gather all your supplies to make your gingerbread house (i.e. candies, icing, gingerbread etc.) The setup for your “village” will come later, so you can go ahead and put those decorations to the side for now. I decided to stick…

A Summer Dress in December

GET THE LOOK: Yellow Dress (similar, similar, similar)  |  Black Leather Jacket  |  Mustard Yellow Faux Fur Bag  |  Wide-Brimmed Panama Hat  |  Mustard Yellow Tassel Earrings  |  Suede Booties Texas weather — I feel like that’s all I need to say sometimes! Some days it’s 70 degrees and sunny, some days it’s 20 and sleeting. You just never know. That’s why I love keeping some of my summer wear readily available, even when it’s winter. Summer maxi dresses are EVERYTHING to me, so getting to wear them all year around is huge. Simply pair it with your favorite bomber jacket, and your set. I found that adorable clutch at Target, and my panama hat is Target as well. What do you guys think? Am I the only one who keeps their summer gear near, even when it’s chilly out? Photography Credit: Amber Tice Photography

Kid Style: Transitioning From Summer to Fall

These kiddos. Man. They just kill me! They’re at such a fun age (they’re 1 and 2) and I’m just loving each and every stage we’re experiencing with them. Well, minus those lovely tantrums of course. We recently moved cities (you can read more about that here) and have been exploring our new hood over the last few weeks. The weather has been it’s normal bipolar self here in Texas, so each week has been completely different. Rain for 2 weeks straight, 80 degrees one day, then 48 the next. Just lovely! Right? Today I wanted to share a bit of my kiddos style and talk about how I’m transitioning their summer outfits into fall outfits. For Harper, I love using summer dresses for fall and simply carrying around a sweater for her in case the nights get a little chilly. I also tend to use Hudson’s summer Ts for…