Back Porch Makeover

Living in Texas, you just never know what the weather will look like from day to day. Over the summer, the temperatures rise above 100 degrees, while in the winter we’re known to get snow and ice one week, and 80 degrees the next. With warm and sunny days throughout the year, a beautiful pool view, and a movie projector for nightly TV watching, we knew we would use our back patio year-round. We started with painting our siding a matte black to make the space feel more modern. Next, we added a cedar ceiling that my Dad, Father-n-law and husband actually did themselves. Copper accents  were the original inspiration for the space, so I picked up a few copper side tables, lanterns and sconces to finish off the look. But if you ask me, the first two things you notice when you walk out on our back patio are our new Haiku…