Dining Room Design Board

  1. ONE  |  Utica Sputnik Chandelier
  2. TWO  |  Flambe Blue Darkening Curtain
  3. THREE  |  Palmer Dining Table (HomeZone Furniture)
  4. FOUR  |  Palmer Dining Bench (HomeZone Furniture)
  5. FIVE  |  Costway Blue Fabric Chairs (Set of 2)
  6. SIX  |  Brass Gold Vase
  7. SEVEN  |  Navy + White Stripe Vase
  8. EIGHT  |  Stoneware Salt + Pepper Shaker
  9. NINE  |  Decorative Metal Tray

Today I wanted to share with you the design board I created for my dining room. I pretty much knew the vision for the space almost immediately. I knew I wanted the shape of the table to be super simple, yet have a contrasting rustic finish to it. My vision was to pair a rustic table with an incredibly modern light fixture. Thats why I was so excited when I found this dining table (found here) from HomeZone Furniture. I was shocked at how affordable it was. A dining table for UNDER $500? Ok — count me in. I also loved the idea of adding the matching bench to just one of the sides. This was going to be the “kid zone.” A perfect spot for our two little ones to stand, sit, jump — whatever gets them to EAT their dinner — I imagined this bench being their new favorite spot. And guess what? I was right. They’re glued to that bench!

My other favorite purchase is the Utica Sputnik Chandelier.  I searched high and low for an affordable and modern light fixture that would actually fill up that space. Many of the ones I found were too large and/or too expensive. I bought ALL new light fixtures for the entire house, so there was no way I was going to spend $1500 on ONE light fixture. I was so happy when I found this one on Wayfair for UNDER $200. Yay.

I can’t wait to share the reveal to you guys! More to come soon