A Lakeside Retreat Home Tour That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

I follow a lot of designers online, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to connect with a few local builders and designers as well. Today’s home feature is a local designer & builder who caught my eye years ago; Scott Buchanan of Buchanan Design Studio.

I first discovered his work when I was aimlessly browsing homes for sale online. I came across this incredible lake house just down the road from me, and it completely stopped me in my tracks. I HAD to see who designed it!

Today’s home is all about clean lines, crisp whites and modern touches. It also doesn’t hurt that it sits on the beautiful Lake Grapevine, with a stunning view of the water.

If you want to see more from Buchanan Design Studio, make sure to check out their instagram @buchanan_design_studio and mine as well @amyhorany