The Cutest Lemon-Patterned Dress You’ll Find For Just $20

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2 Piece Lemon Dress  |  Rancher Hat  |  Boho Clutch

I’ve been seeing so much of these lemon-patterned sets this season, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for just the right one. I wanted something that was affordable and comfortable all at the same time. Something I could wear on a date night, but also wear around the family and my kiddos. As I always do, I thought I would check Amazon to see if I could find anything worth buying, and that’s when I stumbled across this adorable 2-piece set.

When I first got it in the mail, I thought “Ew, this looks cheap.” I wasn’t totally loving the polyester fabric, it was super wrinkled, and it came in a cheap-looking plastic bag. Overall, I just didn’t get the best first impression. I decided to go ahead and give it a chance and steam the wrinkles out and try it on. BOY was I wrongThis little $20 dress really surprised me once I got it on. The skirt is a tiny bit see-thru, so I would recommend wearing nude undergarments, but other than that, I was REALLY satisfied with this purchase. It’s not too skimpy and shows just the right amount of skin.

I styled it with my favorite rancher hat from Lack of Color, and added this adorable handmade boho bag from Amerii. This particular style is the “large” version of “Ata Bag” and it’s the perfect size to carry all of my every day essentials. They have SO many adorable vintage-looking handbags and I’m already scheming my next purchase. I’m currently dying over this leather backpack — maybe because it’s called “The Harper,” which is my daughter’s name… but probably more so because it’s really cute and incredibly practical.  I’m also digging this Bamboo clutch and this leather crossbody. Ahh! How do I choose??

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