Styling Your Family Outfits for Cold-Weather Family Photos

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Is it just me, or is anyone else hesitant to do holiday-themed family photos? It’s like, I want to do them SO BAD, but the practical side of me is like…

2 kids… 1 husband… matching(ish) outfits for 4 people… preferably non-screaming children, which means coming up with a good bribe to keep them pleasant… good weather… carving out a time of day where all 4 members of the family are happy and available, PLUS making sure the photographer is available too…

Ok. I already need a glass of wine just THINKING about those logistics!

I had a holiday backdrop all planned out, but I ultimately decided that practicality was going to win. I don’t know the next time we’ll get a family photo scheduled, so I wanted a setting that wasn’t too holiday(esque) so we could hang these photos in the new house and not have to worry about them looking like a Christmas card.

So although it might not be the most “Christmasy” setting, they’re perfect for us.

Per usual, most of our outfits were from Target. My dress, Harper’s dress, Hudson’s pants, and Hudson’s shoes were all Target. His leather jacket was from Buy Buy Baby (similar one here) and my mustard yellow tassel earrings are from Franchesca’s.


Red Dress | Tassel Earrings | Suede Booties | Harper’s Yellow Dress
Hudson’s Leather Jacket (similar) | Hudson’s Shoes | Hudson’s Pants

Photography Credit: Amber Tice Photography

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