Dressing Up Your Unwashed Hair With a Hair Scarf

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Hair, Hair Scarf, Amazon Style, Fashion, Hair Fashion
Hair, Hair Scarf, Amazon Style, Fashion, Hair Fashion

I’m sure I’m not the only one who fell into this seemingly bad habit, but washing my hair these days just seems pointless. I only wash my hair about once per week (I throw it in a bun when I shower), and I’ve been really happy with the health of my hair. So although it sounds like bad hygiene, I actually love going a week (or sometimes longer) without washing my hair.

Since I work from home, I can easily get away with dirty hair. It’s always up in a bun, and I’m not in an office, or out running errands too much during the week.

But what if your job makes you go into the office? You’re tying to grow out your hair, and you don’t want to use product, or heat on it, and washing it once per week is the only way to make it grow?

Aside from the obvious “just throw on a hat” option, I recently started embracing the head scarf trend. I don’t actually wrap it around my head, but instead, I tie it around my low pony tail, or most often, I tie it around a messy bun. 

Just like that, it instantly “finishes” the look of any outfit; especially if the outfit is already pretty casual, which is my style anyways. I love wearing a pony scarf with a simple crew-neck top, tucked in with some jeans or shorts. Or maybe even a cute wrap skirt or something. Casual and comfy, and the scarf dresses it up a bit. 

The scarf also distracts from your unwashed hair. I have really dry hair, so it rarely gets oily, but if you have oily hair, I recommend spraying a bit of dry shampoo into your roots before throwing your hair in a bun or pony.

Hair, Hair Scarf, Amazon Style, Fashion, Hair Fashion, scrunchie, hair tie, hair wrap, silk hair scarf

Here Are Some of My Favorite Hair Scarves From Amazon: 

All Sets Are Under $20!

  1. Medium Square Satin Hair Scarf
  2. Earth Tones Silk Scarf
  3. 18 Piece Chiffon Short Scarf Scrunchies
  4. 4 Piece Pleated Hair Scarf/Scrunchie
  5. 15 Piece Long Hair Scarf/Scrunchie
  6. 6 Piece Hair Scarf

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