FlexBrew Coffee Maker


Kids, work, a bad back, lack of sleep… you get it. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that faces LIFE every day. We all have our reasons for caffeine, and the busier life gets, the more reasons I have! Coffee became one of my best friends when I went to college. But coffee and I grew even closer after kiddos. We have like… a bond, you know?

All kidding aside, when I was approached by Hamilton Beach to review their FlexBrew coffee maker, I was ecstatic. I had seen it in stores recently and wanted one so bad. My husband and I both work from home, so in the morning we share a pot of coffee, but the afternoons are different. One of us wants coffee, one of us doesn’t. But either way, we end up making an entire pot. It was starting to get annoying.

I had been wanting to try Hamilton Beach’s FlexBrew coffee maker because it would ultimately solve our issue. Years ago we had a single cup coffee maker, but we missed the option of making a full pot of coffee, so we switched back to a traditional coffee pot. After years of that, we wished we could find a balance between the two, which is exactly what the FlexBrew coffee maker is. A single serve when you want it, but an actual coffee pot when you’re serving more than one.  We also love how you don’t need to actually purchase single serve coffee pods. You can use ground coffee if you’d like.

And just to give you an update, we’ve had this coffee maker for almost 2 years and STILL LOVE IT! We use both the coffee pot, as well as the K-Cup all the time. We switch back and forth and it’s been super handy to have all in one appliance!

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