Dressing Up a Casual Sweater Dress


So lately I’ve been finding myself wearing a few of my favorite things on REPEAT. One of them is this super versatile sweater from Target. I wear it usually with a pair of skinny jeans, but it’s even more fun to wear as a dress with over-the-knee boots. Pretty much every day in Texas is different when it comes to weather, so having a sweater that works in multiple ways is a must. Also – how about that adorable clutch? I snagged that blush beauty for just $30 at (non other than) Target. I don’t see the sweater or clutch online anymore, but I have seen them in stores recently.

We’ve also been up to a TON of house-related things when it comes to our new build. We’re about 4 weeks away from closing and I’m starting to finalize my designs for the indoor and outdoor spaces. I’ve been trying to keep you guys up-to-date via my instagram stories, so if you’re not already, make sure to follow me @amyhorany.  I also recently posted about some house progress HERE, so click through to check that out!

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