aymee { hooray • knee }

Hey guys — It’s so nice to “meet” you! My name is Amy Horany (pronounced Aymee Hooray-Knee, in case you were wondering) and I’ve been a designer and blogger for many years. My eye-for-design and passion for style has led me on so many adventures in life, and ultimately lead me to launch my very own brand, AmyHorany.com; a design, style & family site with a goal to inspire my readers (yup, that’s you guys!) to live your own version of a stylish life.

My first blog was The Blissful Bee, an interior design-focused blog that I launched in 2012, and is still up and running today. My work has been featured on Oprah.com, The Huffington Post, Porch.com and Apartment Therapy to name a few. I also run my interior design business on the side, Five 12 Main, and accept clients whenever I’m able.

Though design was my first love, I later married the absolute love of my life (Chad), and we now have two beautiful children together, Hudson and Harper. Being a devoted wife and loving mother has become my #1 priority in life.

Here on AmyHorany.com, you will find inspiration with style in mind; whether it’s my latest outfit, my kiddo’s style, my interior design adventures, or simply my crazy thoughts on life in general.

For collaboration or advertising inquiries, please contact me via the contact form below. Also, make sure to follow along on Instagram @amyhorany.