It’s been a while since my last house update, and this one is exciting! When building a house, there’s always something going on, but sometimes it’s a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff that isn’t super fun to photograph. But we’re finally at the stage where you guys can start to actually see some of my selections come into fruition.

I’ll get into more detail regarding our color selections, tile selections, carpet, wood floors etc., but that will be in another post since there is so much information to share. But as you can see, we chose a very simple color pallet for the entire home. White walls, grey doors as an accent, and we’ll have a beautiful caramel-colored wood floor being installed next week.

Most of the fixtures will be replaced once we move in, so any of the chrome fixtures you see in these progress pictures will all be replaced. We did however purchase some of the larger fixtures through the builder, like the entryway ones you see in today’s post. Our living room fixture was also selected through our builder. We’re so happy with our selections thus far and can’t wait to see more progress next week!

We put so much thought into this home and the extra hours I spent making custom changes are really starting to pay off. I’m so thankful that my passion for design has given me the tools to build a home for our little family!

For full coverage of the entire build process, make sure to check out my “home build” instagram story HERE.


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