Jeans  |  Sandals  |  Hat

Jeans  |  Sandals  | Hat

Jumper  |  Sandals  | Hat

Top (similar) | Jeans  |  Sandals  | Hat | Jacket


Top (similar)  | Jeans  |  Hat

Since messing with the build of our new home, I really haven’t thought too much about clothes. I’ve been pulled to the home isles of Target rather than the clothing isles. BUT the other day I made a special trip to good ole Target to grab a few basics for spring. I was looking for some high-waisted jeans, a few T-shirts, and easy jumpsuits that I could just throw on without having to think too much. With 2 kids, I swear my brain has disappeared, so having a few staple pieces for spring was a must for me. I can just walk into my closet, grab a few things without really looking, throw them on, and BOOM, still look put-together.

But really though — has anyone else’s brains disappeared since having kiddos? This morning I was running out the door to take my kids to school and asked my husband where my car keys were. They were in my hand. 

Anyways! After my instagram story the other day, I got a lot of questions about my little shopping spree, so I hope today’s post helps. Everything you see is linked below each photo. My sandals were from last season, but they brought them back this year! Guess they were popular. They’re sold out online, but you can find a similar pair here.

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