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Dressing Room Diaries: Target Spring 2019

Jeans  |  Sandals  |  Hat Jeans  |  Sandals  | Hat Jumper  |  Sandals  | Hat Top (similar) | Jeans  |  Sandals  | Hat | Jacket Jumper |  Sandals Top (similar)  | Jeans  |  Hat Since messing with the build of our new home, I really haven’t thought too much about clothes. I’ve been pulled to the home isles of Target rather than the clothing isles. BUT the other day I made a special trip to good ole Target to grab a few basics for spring. I was looking for some high-waisted jeans, a few T-shirts, and easy jumpsuits that I could just throw on without having to think too much. With 2 kids, I swear my brain has disappeared, so having a few staple pieces for spring was a must for me. I can just walk into my closet, grab a few things without really looking, throw them on, and BOOM, still look put-together.…

Family Style: Holiday Pictures

Is it just me, or is anyone else hesitant to do holiday-themed family photos? It’s like, I want to do them SO BAD, but the practical side of me is like… 2 kids… 1 husband… matching(ish) outfits for 4 people… preferably non-screaming children, which means coming up with a good bribe to keep them pleasant… good weather… carving out a time of day where all 4 members of the family are happy and available, PLUS making sure the photographer is available too… Ok. I already need a glass of wine just THINKING about those logistics! I had a holiday backdrop all planned out, but I ultimately decided that practicality was going to win. I don’t know the next time we’ll get a family photo scheduled, so I wanted a setting that wasn’t too holiday(esque) so we could hang these photos in the new house and not have to worry about…

A Summer Dress in December

GET THE LOOK: Yellow Dress (similar, similar, similar)  |  Black Leather Jacket  |  Mustard Yellow Faux Fur Bag  |  Wide-Brimmed Panama Hat  |  Mustard Yellow Tassel Earrings  |  Suede Booties Texas weather — I feel like that’s all I need to say sometimes! Some days it’s 70 degrees and sunny, some days it’s 20 and sleeting. You just never know. That’s why I love keeping some of my summer wear readily available, even when it’s winter. Summer maxi dresses are EVERYTHING to me, so getting to wear them all year around is huge. Simply pair it with your favorite bomber jacket, and your set. I found that adorable clutch at Target, and my panama hat is Target as well. What do you guys think? Am I the only one who keeps their summer gear near, even when it’s chilly out? Photography Credit: Amber Tice Photography

Fall Wardrobe: Changing a Look at the Drop of a Hat

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a hat girl. And I’m proud to say that my third grade school picture can prove it. I wore a massive Blossom-inspired denim hat with a cranberry colored faux floral smack dab on the front. Hats weren’t allowed in school, so I had to pack it in my backpack and wear it only for the picture. I. felt. so. cool. Fast forward a few decades and although my style has changed, my love for hats hasn’t. There were a few years in my twenties that I thought I wasn’t “stylish enough” to “pull off” a hat, but after two kids and my twenties in my past, I pretty much don’t give a crap. I like hats. So I’m going to wear hats. Lots of them, in fact! Today I’m sharing how three hats can completely change the look of one outfit. I love…