For those of you who don’t know, Amazon is AMAZING. It’s always full of surprises, and sadly, I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to it. I mean — Who doesn’t love getting a box of goodies delivered to their house on a monthlyweekly… er… daily basis? If I can order it on Amazon, I will. Even my jewelry.

Though shopping at overpriced boutiques might be a fun afternoon out with the girls, I have a real hard time paying $80 for a pair of earrings that I know I can find online for $15. Heck. Maybe even $10. Especially if they’re trendy like tassel earrings. I have a feeling this look won’t be in style forever, so I really don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the designer version. I’d much rather get a few pairs in different colors and pay $15 or less for each pair.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite finds in the jewelry department. All of today’s products were found on Amazon and all of them have been proudly worn many, many times. And no, I’m not being paid to review these items. I just love them THAT much.

** Amazon Shopper Tip: Make sure to always read the reviews (good AND bad) before purchasing. I also prefer to buy items that have photos (uploaded by the reviewers) so I can see the consumer’s photos – not just the professional images that display on Amazon.

Of these three, I probably wear the middle (the mustard yellow pair) the most. I think it’s because they’re great for summer, but I’ve also found myself wearing them a lot as we transition into fall.

For the longest time, I had the Jewel Emerald pair (top) in my Amazon shopping cart because I wasn’t sure if I would actually like them in person. I figured $9 was cheap enough to try out, and eventually pulled the trigger. I’m so glad I ended up buying them because they are SO beautiful. They’re a little dressy, so they’re perfect for a date night with the hubs.

These might be my favorite of them all. I wear them all the time and love pairing them with a bold red lip. I feel like they dress up any outfit! These were my first Amazon pair to buy, and they were so beautiful that they gave me the confidence to start ordering other jewelry from Amazon.

And here they all are again — what do you think?

Every time people ask me where my earrings are from and I tell them Amazon, they are shocked. People don’t normally think to buy this type of stuff on Amazon, but it’s hard to pass up the cheap price tag and free shipping. I’m an Amazon Prime member, so I’ll typically only buy items with free two-day shipping. And just remember to always read reviews. It will be worth the few minutes, I promise!


    • Amy Reply

      Thanks Becka! And the best part is their all super affordable 🙂

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