1. ONE – Vertly Bath Salts
  2. TWO – Lago Woven Tote
  3. THREE – Coral Rafia Earrings
  4. FOUR – LED Lighted iPhone Cover
  5. FIVE – capri BLUE Candle
  6. SIX – Yellow Pom Tote
  7. SEVEN – Swan Creek Candle Co. Wax Melts
  8. EIGHT – Tom Ford Perfume, Black Orchid
  9. NINE – Red KitchenAid
  10. TEN – Rose Gold DIFF Sunnies

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to share some of the items that I have personally on my own wish list and also some things I already have, and love. The single thing I love most on this list is pretty hilarious actually. My husband and I are avid fans of the gas station, Buc-ee’s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about (then shame on you — HA, kidding of course), but REALLY… It’s pretty much the coolest gas station ever. It’s massive, with locations all over the country, and is a well-known tourist spot for some people who don’t live near one. Anyhoo — We live right down the street from one, so the other day when I was there, I accidentally stumbled upon the most AMAZING wax melts that they were selling. They smell SO good and are 100% herbal. I bought about 4 different scents, but wanted to see if I could find more online. Lucky for me, Amazon sells a ton more options! My favorite scent is probably the Lavender & Lemongrass, which you can find here. And at less than $8, you can buy multiple scents without breaking the bank!

I’m also a huge fan of the Capri Blue candles, particularly the Volcano scent. I’ve bought them for years and they can be found here on Amazon. I’ve also seen them in a ton of boutiques, but they are far more expensive than buying them directly from Amazon. Normally I see them retail for like $39 per candle, but I purchase them on Amazon for just $25!  And while we’re on a scent spree, can we please talk about the Tom Ford perfume, Black Orchid? I’ve recently discovered it and it’s on my current wishlist. It. Smells. Incredible.

One of my techy finds that I’m excited to try out is this LED-lighted iPhone case. It’s supposed to be great for snagging those perfect selfies (or in my case, selfies with my kiddos). It comes in a lot of color and pattern options, but I really like the metallic rose marble, found here.

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